Day of showers 03 March 2021

Started the day with breakfast and a walk to school. Kept going after dropping my daughter off at school and covered 7.8 km around my neighbourhood.

I wake every morning with a tender heel, and once walking it is fine. It is not a spur as I have had it before and could not walk at all on it till it treated it with ice and orthotics. This time it goes away once walking on it and it doesn’t what footwear I use I have no discomfort.

My right knee is a different story though. Sometimes when walking it twinges and if I lead with my right leg in ascending or descending stairs, I lose the control of the knee. I had this condition quite a long time ago and walking repaired it. So I will persevere with it and hope that once I am back to proper track readiness, it will go away like it did before.

Once I returned home I made sure the walk had been saved on Strava and also synced to my fundraising progress on Great Ocean Virtual Challenge for Diabetes. I also then check my fundraising page to see if any kind person has donated for my efforts. It looks lame at the moment with just $10 but I can live with it.

As it was showery, and I was feeling a bit ill, I just took it easy for the day, although between the showers I managed to do some weeding in the garden, as they are easy to pull out in the wet soil, and lots of seedlings had also stuck their little heads up, needing removal.

I made dinner tonight a beef stroganoff, with cut beef sausages used instead of real beef. Quite yummy.

So now it is time for bed.

Distance for challenge: 7.8 km. Total distance covered: 15.4 km Remaining distance: 84.6 km. Money raised: $10

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