The bigger picture 26 Feb 2021

Woke and had breakfast and then took my daughter to school.

Came home and went through the notes in preparation for my third meeting of the week. This time it was with the outdoor sector of Queensland. At the meeting, many topics were discussed and some items tied in with my work and the previous two meetings. I know I am definitely on the right track with things, and know where to get support.

Also the COVID-19 challenge was covered with the relaxing of restrictions and the impacts it is still causing the outdoor sector. I realised the impacts are still pertinent in a bushwalking sense as well for our clubs.

After the meeting, I reviewed the meeting and then reviewed the previous two meetings. I then produced the notes from the meetings on three separate blog posts on Bushwalking Queensland’s blog site. I then produced a newsletter on MailChimp and linked the three meetings through this email. Seemed to work well. Looks like the way forward.

By the time I had completed all this I was falling asleep at the computer. I went to bed.

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