Preparation day 27 Feb 2021

Being the weekend, a Saturday, meant that there was a Bushwalk tomorrow.

Slept in and then worked on getting all the needed gear together for the walk tomorrow. Also checked QPWS Park Alerts to make sure the area was open and there were no issues.

The day stayed cloudy, mainly high cloud and the day just got progressively muggy. I was not in the mood for strenuous work, but seeing my lawn needed mowing, decided to make a start on that. Well could only mow for five to ten minutes before being soaked with sweat. So the mowing was done in fits and spurts. Eventually I finished the backyard including edging it. That was it for me.

I checked emails, social media and the like and sent out one last email about the Bushwalk the next day and that was it. Off to be to get an early night and early start.

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