Bushwalking Day 28 Feb 2021

For the last day of summer, it was a case of getting up early, wait to be picked up and off for a bushwalk.

Woke early and had a large breakfast with rooibos tea. Gathered all my gear together, filled the bladder with water, and then waited for my ride. Once my ride turned up, piled in and off we went to Mount Mee. Had a good run there and it was cloudy and humid. Being cloudy meant it would be good walking weather.

Arrived at the walk start and met other members of the group, signed in and off we went. The track was damp but firm, perfect for walking and we entered the rainforest. The track then opened into dry sclerophyll forest before crossing one of the many roads and entering a hoop pine plantation. The track descended and meandered through this plantation before coming to another road crossing, where the track then entered rainforest again.

After a while with a few road crossings the track meandered from rainforest to dry sclerophyll first to even more open woodland. In this section, the sound of a baby crying was heard. Then a large white bird was seen making the call. Trying to identify it, a Pied Currawong came along and fed it. It was a juvenile channel-billed cuckoo.

After viewing this we moved on and then spotted a large brown bird with a long tail. Hmmm, what bird is that? Not quite pheasant-sized and dove looking. Anyway moved too fast for a photo. Will have check when I get home.

After about an hour and a half of walking, came out onto the western escarpment of Mount Mee, and then sat on a rock outcrop with the views over the Brisbane Valley, Somerset Dam and Wivenhoe Lake. It was lovely and green. The humidity though reduced the visibility slightly so the further mountains and features were either difficult to point out or not see them at all.

A bit further on the same brown bird was seen and I managed to photograph it. A brown cuckoo-dove. The first I had ever seen. We then followed the track as it descended to a large waterhole and then gradually ascended back to the start of the trail.

It was a great walk and then went to the picnic area for lunch,

While at lunch was visited by the resident lace monitor or goanna. This guy just wanders the picnic area and is not disturbed by people going about their business.

Once lunch was over it was back hime to rest and recover.

I then downloaded all my photos, checked on animal identification and posted them to my Gavin’s Brushes With Nature Facebook page. I checked my emails and other social media and had dinner and went to bed early. I was bushed…

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