Recovery day 01 Mar 2021

Well, here we are on the first day of March, the first day of autumn, and a cloudy humid day. I woke up sore as I had not walked 13km for quite a while so needed today to recover. It is also the first day of the Great Ocean Virtual Challenge for Diabetes Queensland and … Continue reading Recovery day 01 Mar 2021

Bushwalking Day 28 Feb 2021

For the last day of summer, it was a case of getting up early, wait to be picked up and off for a bushwalk. Woke early and had a large breakfast with rooibos tea. Gathered all my gear together, filled the bladder with water, and then waited for my ride. Once my ride turned up, … Continue reading Bushwalking Day 28 Feb 2021

Preparation day 27 Feb 2021

Being the weekend, a Saturday, meant that there was a Bushwalk tomorrow. Slept in and then worked on getting all the needed gear together for the walk tomorrow. Also checked QPWS Park Alerts to make sure the area was open and there were no issues. The day stayed cloudy, mainly high cloud and the day … Continue reading Preparation day 27 Feb 2021

The bigger picture 26 Feb 2021

Woke and had breakfast and then took my daughter to school. Came home and went through the notes in preparation for my third meeting of the week. This time it was with the outdoor sector of Queensland. At the meeting, many topics were discussed and some items tied in with my work and the previous … Continue reading The bigger picture 26 Feb 2021