Part of something big 25 Feb 2021

Started the day like any other. Took the youngest daughter to school and then came home. There is shopping to be done, but not ready.

At home I grabbed the box of cereal, a mix of Aldi’s energy muesli and special flakes, and put half a cupful into a bowl. I then added sliced banana, diced apple, and diced pear, plus a dash of almond milk.

I put on the kettle and made a green tea in my tea pot. When all was ready, went into the lounge room and sat down and ate my morning delight, washed the news and drank my tea. Aah that went down so well.

I then prepared myself for the Zoom meeting with the Queensland Walking Alliance, which was formed as part of the Transport and Main Roads Walking Strategy.

Once the meeting time came around, a brief catch up on where we were to date. The presentation then followed about disabled access and the change in mindset needed for the inclusion of disabled persons and walking. I quite like the proposed definition of walking – “moving through the environment in an ambulatory sense”. It takes away the notion that walking is purely a mechanical movement. Also walking tourism is a new subject coming up.

Once the meeting was over I reported the outcomes to the Bushwalking Queensland Inc. committee, noting we are in for exciting times.

Then it was check emails and responding to a few of them. I also checked my social media and the like and responded where necessary.

I then went shopping to get some supplies that I had forgotten the day before.

Came home and rested and reviewed what work needed to be done.

Then cooked dinner, curried sausages followed by a tiramisu cheesecake.

Settled down and then went to bed.

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