Getting there 24 Feb 2021

Day started as usual with a walk to school, but schedule changed by continuing the walk to the shops to buy needed supplies. Of course going with the shopping list in my head is fraught with danger. And did I know it when I returned home…

Only forgot two items which were more crucial than the items I had purchased! Looks like a shopping trip tomorrow.

I am now 43 days into my licence suspension. Only 37 days to go. Nearly half way!

When I commenced this suspension period, I vowed to review the last eighteen months and make changes where needed. This included whether to continue on taxi driving or pursue another avenue.

I formulated the plan based on the requirements for reporting for JobSeeker wont change that much over the three months of the suspension. I decided that:

  • I would actively look for work;
  • I would return to my healthy lifestyle – walk a lot, eat right
  • I will reconnect myself in my networks and take on any roles presented
  • I will return to plans which I had dropped

Actively look for work

No sooner had I stopped driving an exciting job opportunity presented itself as Executive Officer with Bushwalking Australia Inc. As a current member of the council, I knew this was in the wind, having been part of the decision to set it up a couple of years ago. However due to my inactivity up till now, I had no idea how far it had progressed. It came up, so I vigorously applied for it. I made inquiries as to how much it would impact my family and earning capacity, and all my inquiries lead to one conclusion – go for it. So now I have had the interview and am waiting for the response as to whether I have the job or not.

In the meantime I spend a couple of hours each day going through job sites to see what is out there.

Return to healthy lifestyle

While driving the taxi, I was not afforded much time to get out and keep fit. Once I stopped driving, it was time to get back into it. I struggled for the first few days as my muscles needed waking up, and my joints needed a grease and oil change. But being forced to walk to the shops has strengthened me. I am also losing weight. I knew it would be a while before I noticed losing weight as I had to rebuild muscle. Once that was done, I could start reducing my fat and so I have now lost 3 kilograms. I wont be weighing myself each day as the fluctuations mean that there can be no real notice.

I am also evolving back to the food regime of clean eating which reduced my weight in the first place and made me feel a whole lot better.

Reconnect myself in my networks and take on any roles presented

Having returned to “the fold”, as you might say, I am getting remarks of how much I was missed. I had also got to the point of thinking I was being taken for granted. I now know how much value I had provided to the organisations I was part of and that has given me motivation to work harder for these organisations and to be involved in stakeholder issues as they arise.

Also, I am prepared to take on whatever roles that are thrown my way. I am a deft hand at administration, so its good to be back!

Return to plans which I had dropped

Once I started driving, I dropped all my plans, personally, socially, and for the organisations I am part of. Once I have this freedom, I have reviewed everything, including my plans and now realise that they are more crucial now than when I first worked on them.

So today, I went through the meeting notes of the Zoom meeting on Monday night (22/02/21). I took the necessary actions needed from that meeting:

  • Completing the feedback to the Brisbane City Council Draft Off Road Cycling Strategy
  • Forwarded governance documents to people who are interested in getting that part off the ground finally
  • Identifying the client base for bushwalking clubs – demographic that is less likely to require access to insurance
  • prepared for the Qld Walking Alliance meeting tomorrow

After that reviewed emails, and received plans from the Beaudesert Canungra Rail line which was abandoned in the 1960’s and see if it can be resurrected. Another project…

After reviewing social media and the news, and dinner, I went to bed.

I am so happy with the way things are turning out.

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