Stinker of a day 23 Feb 2021

Woke early again. Seems the norm.

Washed the dishes and some clothes, got my youngest daughter off to school, and then came home. The day was warming up.

I wanted to go shopping, but it was too hot and humid to get out and walk. So I stayed home.

I attended to spraying weeds around the place as it was perfect weather for that, and other small gardening chores.

I also looked at my social media and emails to see if anything pressing was due.

The time passed fairly quickly, until mid-afternoon, when I noticed storms building. So I went around to make sure things were in place for the storm and then went inside and watched some movies. While watching the movies, had pizza delivered and then the rain came down. It was heavy with a strong wind blowing.

Once the storm had passed, I went into the back patio and everything had gotten damp from the spray of the rain in the wind. Not much can be done now so will have to wait till tomorrow to dry things out.

After that felt very sleepy and went to bed very satisfied with myself with things so far.

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