Community Involvement 22 Feb 2021

Woke early a it was Monday, and prepared for the walk to school to deliver the youngest daughter. Upon time to go to school, I am informed that she is not well. So we notify the school.

I then got stuck into preparing for the the Zoom meeting later that day for Bushwalking Queensland Inc., going through the agenda and updating with the latest information. I also tended to social media and emails.

I updated a post about my participation in the Great Ocean Road Trek Virtual Challenge for Diabetes in the hope of getting more donations, than what I have added. The website is to donate to me.

Nothing pressing came up so sent the updated agenda around to all and then walked to a friend’s place to join in the Zoom meeting.

The meeting went better than I expected and the information passed was very valuable, with great input received from all participants. After the meeting, was driven home and then reviewed the meeting notes and went to bed.

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