Exploration day 20 Feb 2021

Woke this morning really refreshed.

Had breakfast, packed my backpack and then went to walk to the station. As I was getting to the bottom of the hill, the bus came so I caught it to the station. Not long after arriving at the station, the train to Springfield arrived and I was on a 1 and a half hour trip.

Once I arrived at Springfield, was picked up by my partner in crime as we headed off to survey a local trail that we are involved in a project to develop. First port of call and we arrived at the edge of a conservation area. We walked in to see what we could find, and located the trail and followed it to a large fence being constructed with large gates. From there we saw the track continuing downhill. A check of my map and 2.7 km from where we were standing the track came out on to a road.

We walked back to the car and on the way found a remnant sign from the early days of the trail. I picked up this sign to take back to the car, and upon getting to the car found out it was too big to put in the back of the ute. So we dropped it over a fence with the premise that we would be back sometime to take it home.

We then got in the car and drove around to the where the track we stood on met a road at the bottom. We drove around and then found the track, but there was a gate with warning signs and the mention of a rifle range. Great thats one obstacle.

We then drove back along this road which was a section of the trail to the trails turn off at another gate with Keep Out Private Property sign on it. Next obstacle.

From there we drove to the first major goal of the trail and wanted to check out a bridge across the creek there. We walked around the area, along the creek but found no bridge. Kept on looking before getting in the car and driving to the road that had the bridge, and viola, there it was, a new concrete bridge.

Satisfied with what we found there, then drove off to the last section of the trail and followed it into the next town. While in this town, had a late lunch and then headed back to the train for me to return home. A very productive day and chuffed at what we found. This is going to be a great project.

Once home I reviewed my photos and the maps to see what alternative routes there were. Having found them I was satisfied that enough had been done for the day so went to bed.

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