Another fine weekend over 21 Feb 2021

Woke early and had a drink of water. No, still sleepy!!! Go back to bed.

Woke at lunchtime.

Message from a friend to go into the City to collect mail from the PO Box for Bushwalking Queensland Inc., which I am Secretary. So replied “whenever”, and a short time later received, “be there in 10.” So a quick splash of water on the face, grab some clothes and be ready for his arrival. As we were driving into town the thought crossed me that Australia Post should have a facility where an organisation has a post office box then nominates the address for the correspondence. This means no need to keep changing addresses as the secretaries change each year, potentially. Also means that the mail gets to you promptly and you dont get messages that the box is full please come and collect.

So anyway, get into town, go and empty the post office box and realise it hasn’t been emptied since November. Hmmm. Case for the above sure. If I have no business in town, why should I go for a quick check of the mail box.

Returned home and then read the usual emails, posts on social media, and further mapping of yesterday’s fact finding mission. This map is coming together well and now I have created a .kml file so that interested parties can view the various pieces of infrastructure in the area, and development plans. Also the obstacles are easily identified.

Once the day had cooled down sufficiently, I went to the shops to get needed supplies and then returned home and made curried sausages.

Then it was time to settle down for the night and watch “Holey Moley” and then retire to the computer for more work and prepare for the Zoom meeting tomorrow. Then it was off to bed.

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