Trip to sort out payments 18 Feb 2021

Woke early and had breakfast. Waited till my daughter was ready for school then walked her to school and continued on to the shopping centre. I worked my way through the shopping centre full of apprehension. I was on my way to the welfare office to sort out my payments which is a fortnightly occurrence as I see a different person each time and they have a different idea on how I should report to be paid.

This time however was straight forward. I said I am not working as a taxi driver at the moment, and probably wont again. So now its back to applying for jobs, see my job provider, and complete the job diary and declaration each fortnight to continue getting paid. Also I go back to the full amount of JobSeeker so that will help the budget.

So, after all that was done, I was only I there 20 minutes. So happy with the result too.

Next chore then is to do some shopping. Go into the shop get the needed items, pay for them and then outside rearrange the goods for easier carrying, including putting the heavier items into my back pack. I then walked home and was home an hour and a half after leaving.

The next thing to do was go into the backyard and continue on the work on the lawn after removing the retaining wall. This was done in a sporadic manner as I had to dodge the showers. When it was raining, I was on the back patio on my computer, writing up more governance instruments, namely the policy framework.

I had to go through all the presences I have on Facebook to see if any had been deleted or blocked for being determined a news site. Luckily none of my sites were affected.

My eldest daughter made dinner and then after settling down went to bed.

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