Things on the improve 17 Feb 2021

Woke early and got stuck into early morning house work. Had breakfast and then walked my daughter to school. Came home and worked on social media, risk management framework, and governance framework.

Then there was a knock on the door. The real estate property manager was there for an inspection.

“What inspection?”

“We sent you an email. Didn’t you get it?”

“No, and I have been sending and receiving emails prior to this.”

Anyway, just went through the list of repairs and checked to see what had been done and what still needed fixing. Also reported the air conditioner had broken down. The took a look at the guinea pigs and said noting and then left.

Went back to my landscaping project and office work. While out the backyard, there would be a drizzle, and I would pick up my tools and put them away and the heavy shower would pass. That was working fine till later in the day, when while out there, I felt a big drop of rain. I looked up and all I could do was grab all the tools and make a run to the back patio, and down it came a heavy shower. I looked at my watch and it was time for my youngest daughter to arrive home. That would be right, a sudden downpour right on school-home time.

My youngest daughter came in the door drenched. So got her changed and put her uniform through the wash and dried it.

Once over, I went back into the backyard and continued on. Then it was time to finish for the day. Showered and changed into my night clothes and had pizza, watched television and went to bed.

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