Recovery day 15 February 2021

After yesterdays walk, I am a bit sore from not having walked so much for quite a while. But then again, Mondays after any walk I am always a bit sore.

So the day started after a great night’s sleep to get breakfast and check emails, and add updates on various platforms about the walk the previous day. After finding out my youngest daughter was not fit for school, continued on my day which also included fixing up the backyard where the retaining wall had collapsed.

At lunchtime, there were cries for someone to go shopping, so I donned my backpack and two hessian shopping bags and made dash for the shops. I reached the traffic lights at the shopping centre as the rain started coming down. The lights changed and I ran to the cover of the shops. I went around the supermarket quickly, put my purchases through the checkout, collected my secret garden pot, and made my way home.

This time the sun was out and it was humid. Made it home and packed the sopping away and then sat down for a rest and more emails, documents and social media. I have now produced

  • governance framework,
  • risk management framework, and
  • communications risk management plan
  • made a start on policy, standard and procedure framework

Then it was time to bathe, watch television and the news and then to bed.

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