First club walk for 2021 on the 14 Feb 2021

34th day on licence suspension – 86 days to go

Woke early and readied myself for a great day out bushwalking, and it was cloudy but no sign of rain.

Had breakfast, shower and put on my bushwalking clothes, packed my backpack and it started to drizzle. Then had to find rain protection. Not going to let some rain stop this walk.

While walking around I noticed a twinge of sciatica down my right side and my heel was sore to stand on. Let’s see what a good walk will do! Once my gear was ready I put it outside the front door in readiness for my lift. I then waited for my lift which was due at 7.00am. Waiting, waiting, waiting… finally my lift arrives at 7.35am.

Get in the car and drive off and due to the weather the traffic was fairly light so we made the trip to Matthew Flinders Park in 30 minutes and was good to see the number waiting to go. I got them to sign in on the COVIDSafe QR code which led to a form to complete and it worked a treat. Minimal paperwork for the start of a walk now.

Once the administration was complete, we set off, heading down towards Caves Road and Evans Road. Turning left into Evans Road, we walked along Evans Road to Berteaus Road and turned left. We walked along Berteaus Road to the walking track and turned left onto the walking track and walked to the Mt Tibrogargan East Car Park. Turning left and over the stile in the gate we continued down the road to the junction with the Trachyte Circuit. We followed this for a short distance, before turning right onto the Tibrogargan Circuit.

The Tibrogargan Circuit traverses the base of Mount Tibrogargan and has a number of lookouts over the neighbouring mountains. While on the section of the track the rain stopped, so wet weather gear was gradually peeled off. I was wetter with sweat than I would have been if I had walked without the poncho on.

We followed the Tibrogargan Circuit around to the summit track of Mount Tibrogargan and then on to the junction with the Trachyte Circuit. The Trachyte Circuit was then followed to the Mt Tibrogargan Car Park, for a toilet stop and then continued on the Trachyte Circuit to Jack Ferris Lookout. This was our morning tea stop and with the rain gone the major peaks were shrouded in cloud. Once morning tea was over it was continue on to Caves Road and then follow Caves Road to Matthew Flinders Park.

Walk distance 8.9km.

After a rest at Matthew Flinders Park, I was given a lift home, where I pulled out my wet gear and hung it out to dry and then checked to see how the COVIDSafe data was reported. I had received emails from each submission. I went into JotForm and a spreadsheet was populated with the data from the QR codes. I was so happy that it worked and now will tell other clubs about it and its simplicity. I can send the form to them for their own use if they have a JotForm account too.

After that I checked my emails and social media and then it was time for dinner, which was a delivered Pizza Hut pizza.

I then sat and watched the news followed by “Holey Moley”. After that I had a shower and then did my blog.

I noticed that the sciatica has gone and the right heel is not so tender. I am happy that bushwalking is so good to my feet.

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