Win some and lose some – 11 Feb 2021

The day started to great, having slept in, but feeling a little unwell.

Anyway, did some more tool sorting. I didn’t know I had so much!! Getting to work out where the tools should now go, especially after another tool box was washed out. It was my father-in-laws and he had lined it with carpet and a tea towel, all stuck down with contact adhesive. However over the years the adhesive has lost its efficacy and the tea towel just fell out and the glue washed out of the tool box.

I am also close to completing a communications risk management plan for Bushwalking Queensland Inc., as we have trouble delineating when messages, emails, phone calls, etc., go out and if there is seen to be one voice with this communication. At the moment it is ad hoc, so would be good to tighten the ship.

I was on Facebook and thought I would post a funny to a group. Well it seems not many liked the joke and its connotations, so I have been temporarily blocked. I have taken it on the chin, as I now know where the line is drawn.

I keep looking at my backyard and have to get into doing some landscaping after removing timber retaining wall as it was collapsing due to termite activity. I now have to dig a fair area to get the ground to lie at a nice angle so it will be easy to mow once the grass returns.

So that was my day… and a Happy Chinese New Year to all, the Year of the Ox…

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