Too late to blog – 10 February 2021

Ok, its 11 February, but is it too late to put up a daily blog? I was so busy and tired by the end of the day sleep was my priority.

So what happened?

Started the day off going through my tool boxes and upon emptying them, I decided to wash them out as well. So here I am with tools in piles of like, spread out on my back patio, and waiting for my tool boxes to dry out.

Some of the tools…

While doing this, I mowed the lawn and edged it. The skies started to threaten with rain, so felt good I had mowed the lawn to a decent look before rain.

I then had an interview which to me went well. I hope I get the job as it will be a dream for me. It will mean I will be earning money doing something I love to do.

As the day rolled on the threat of rain increased, so I worked on a Communications Risk Management Plan, reviewed a Code of Conduct, and looked at over other governance document needing to be produced. My intention is make the organisations I am involved with to be more proactive.

After dinner, my eyes drooped and it was time for bed.

I was so happy for the day…

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