The day of achievements – 9 Feb 2021

Waking early and did a load of washing, had breakfast, and prepared to take my daughter to school. Checked on her a couple of times and she was looking horrid. She had been up late playing games. So it was better to report her sick for school.

I did two more loads of washing, plus the dishes and then went for a walk to Aldi to do some shopping. My list when I set out:

  • breakfast cereal
  • almond milk
  • cos lettuce for the guinea pigs
  • bread

My wife added to the list:

  • chips
  • UHT milk

I came back with:

  • 2 x packs breakfast cereal – 1 x protein mix, and 1 x energy mix
  • 2 x bags cos lettuce – guinea pigs
  • 1 x bag baby spinach leaves – guinea pigs
  • 2 x loaves white bread – family
  • 2 x loaves multigrain bread – me
  • 1 x loaf raisin bread – me
  • 2 x containers of deodorant (on special and needed) – me
  • 1 x bag salt and vinegar chips – wife
  • 2 x passionfruit and muesli yoghurts – wife
  • 2 x almond milk (unsweetened) – me
  • 1 x UHT milk – wife
  • 1 x Dare iced coffee – for the walk home (my roadie)
  • 1 x Coke No Sugar – extra roadie

I overestimated a comfortable weight to carry back home, but after a few stops to let my fingers recover, Made it home. Note to self, you have a decent sized backpack – use it…

When I arrived back home I cleaned up the lounge room, and replaced two guinea pigs mats with a picnic blanket, and put my wife’s lounge chair on it. I then put the other two guinea pig mats down under the centre table and my chair. They can now roam the lounge room to their hearts content and it will be easier to clean up their calling cards.

After a rest it was into the shed for episode three. This time going through the tools and repacking the tool boxes etc. Also extra boxes from the lounge room found a new home. The tools project is still a work in progress, as I didn’t realise just how much I had.

Once my back started to twinge, I went and did some office work, read emails, post on Facebook, read the ABC news and looked at the weather radar. I then put together a draft agenda for the next Zoom meeting, which will be determined when I check Doodle to see the best meeting time selected.

I also produced a Code of Conduct for an organisation I am part of. I looks like a good document, but will have to pass it around for thoughts, of course.

I received an email of an appointment for and interview tomorrow. I am chuffed as this position is my dream job and utilises skills I have acquired over the last twenty years. I actually can’t wait for the interview, either.

I made dinner tonight with pasta, sausages, Raguletto sauce, and sausages. Worked out quite well and I really got stuck into it when it was time to eat too. Damn I am a good cook.

Then I settled down to watch Holey Money and The Good Doctor and then finished the night off on the computer completing this blog entry.

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