What a day – Mon 8 Feb 2021

The day started out OK. I arose early with the expectation of walking my youngest daughter to school. I had my breakfast and cup of green tea. Weather – overcast, strong South-Easterly winds blowing, a lot cooler than yesterday.

While waiting for the time for school, I opened my shed, as it needed a good clean out, and started moving gear out. The coolness was great and it didn’t take long to have the floor cleared. Now to tackle the shelves. Look at the watch, its school time.

I go into my daughters room and she is not dressed and then informs she is not going to school as it is swimming carnival. So I walk out in a bit of a huff (why wasn’t I told this earlier?), and go back to my shed.

While working in the shed I am back and forth between my shed and my office on my back patio. I move stuff around and sweep the floor and start emptying the shelves, clean the shelves off and re-stack them. I have tools everywhere, will have to get all the tools out and go through them. I have acquisitions from my own purchases, my dad, my grandfather, and my father-in-law. I have duplicates of tools, plus old and tired tools. Good chance to go through it all.

The skies meanwhile thickened and threatened to rain, so I re-packed the shed and put in other gear that needed to go back in, shut the shed and went to my office.

A number of emails needed attention, and I had instigated a meeting on Doodle to invite attendees to select their preferred meeting dates. All is going so well.

I then caught up on Facebook, and checked on the new page I created “Musings and Happenings”. Things look good. The posts to this blog are also posting across to this page.

Then it was news time:

  1. Flood in India resulting from a glacier breaking in the Himalayas and sending water down a river where they ate building two dams. The previous Indian government decided that due to the fragility of the environment of the Himalayas, no dams will be built. The new Government has sought otherwise.
  2. Criminality in Townsville at the hands of juveniles is increasing and hopefully the Queensland Government can tighten bail laws for these seasoned young persons who know the system well and will just snub the judicial system.
  3. Launch of the F-35 Lightnings into the RAAF. Finally some closure with the delivery of the JSF project initiated many years ago.
  4. Once in a decade flooding in Western Australia after the devastating bushfire. Climate change in action.

So now it is settle down, with two guinea pigs under my feet roaming the lounge room as I settle in for the next instalment of “Holey Moley” I love this show. Just a lot of fun to watch and no brain required in thinking.

Till tomorrow.

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