A day in the life…

After little sleep, I arose at 2.00am and took my time preparing myself for a taxi day shift. Once ready I drove to the shift change location and waited for the maxi to turn up and relieve the driver.

The maxi turned up and the driver and I discussed the previous shift to gain an insight into the sort of shift I was headed for. I put my gear in the maxi and ensured I was logged in with the taxi system, EFTPOS machines and the meter shift totals were zeroed. Also looked at the trip odometer and saw it was at 8.0km. This is the usual distance from the service station for refuelling to the changeover location.

At 5.05am, happy that all was in order, I drove off to the Kallangur Rank and awaited the first job. After an hour and a half the first job came through, at North Lakes. So, off I drove to North Lakes.

Once that job was complete, other jobs rolled off one after the other. The day was taken up travelling to Petrie, Chermside, Stafford, Lawnton, Strathpine, Murrumba Downs, Joyner, Kallangur, Dakabin, Narangba and North Lakes. I managed to sit for short times at the North Lakes rank, Prince Charles Hospital rank, and Kallangur rank.

The highlight of the day was conveying a group of downs syndrome young people, one wheelchair reliant, and their carers. One of the people with downs syndrome sat in the front passenger seat and gave me the directions to get to their destination. Once at the destination and all unloaded including the wheelchair, I thanked the direction-giver for such a good job and getting us to the destination safely. He was chuffed and I shook his hand. Made his day!

Later in the day, I transported an elderly lady with a brand new chest freezer. Lucky that was light to load into the maxi-taxi.

During the day, on of the EFTPOS machines had a printer error and so receipts could not be printed. I did a soft reset, hard reset, changed paper rolls, and disconnected the battery to shut it off for a time. Once booted up the next receipt was printed properly but subsequent printing failed. At the end of the shift the End of Shift Report printed from this EFTPOS machine but that was it. I reported it to the operator whomreplauced it with another one which worked fine.

At the end of the shift it was time to log off, print the reports from the EFTPOS and meter to reconcile the takings for the shift. I also fuelled the maxi with LPG and then went to the changeover location.

Once shift change executed, it was time to drive home and relax with vegetarian pizza and mango Pepsi Max…

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