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Unbelievably made it to the 1st day of August, 2020. It has been quite a while since my last blog… This is due to…

  1. Resigning from work
  2. Recovering from stress
  3. Reorganising my life
  4. Reestablishing relationships
  5. Reengineering my career path
  6. Reconciling with God of actions I have taken
  7. Restarting a new career
  8. Rendering and adapting the job to COVID-19
  9. Resettlement into the new work with 12 hour shifts requiring many readjustments.

So now it is time to reveal that I am loving my new life. Helping people not as fortunate as me, being exposed to the lesser actions of portions of society and dealing with the consequences, and getting used to living within my smaller means.

Yes, I now drive a maxi-taxi, not unlike as pictured. I deal with wheelchairs, and all sorts of people with all abilities and disabilities. I work 12 hour shifts and this leads to me sleeping for most of the downtime.

In the meantime, I have been hankering to get out to bushwalking. I was locked down for a while, and then had to wait till I could return to bushwalking. As I work every weekend, my bushwalking is contained to week-days.

Being on the committees of Bushwalking Australia Inc. and Bushwalking Queensland Inc., the COVID-19 Safe Plans have taken my time up as I am involved in the bushwalking side of things to make a safe return for clubs.

I have some projects on the go:

  1. Writing to all local government regarding linking trails between adjoining councils.
  2. Linking trails with the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail as per the draft Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Strategic Plan
  3. Developing trails in the Linville, Toogolawah, Kilcoy, Jimna, Imbil, Kenilworth areas
  4. Developing trails linking Brisbane CBD with Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, and other trails to provide a trail network in South-East Queensland.

Yes, these projects intertwine, but it fits my grand scheme of being able to walk between any two points in Queensland with safety and minimised risk as paramount criteria. Most of these trails will be multi-user, but from a bushwalking perspective walking trails have the least environmental impact.

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