Brand New Year – 2020

2020 has started off with a lot of changes. New job, recovering from shocking decisions, and other changes.

New job, you say? Yes I decided to throw in my old job for a new challenge and it has paid off. I left work and decided to start with a blank slate. That led to all sorts of settling down, identifying my strengths and weakensses, passions and motivations. I realised that a career along the path based on bushwalking could be one way to go.

So with a lot of thought, prayer and research I came up wth a few alternatives. Then lo and behold! An advertisement struck me. Become a taxi driver. I wrote the worst application letter of my life and landed a job. I went and did one day’s taxi driving training and one day’s maxi-taxi driving to learn how to load wheelchair bound people safely and securely.

I loved it. Then I hit the road. The first shoft on my own was daunting but I broke the record for takings by a rookie! I had found my job! As the weeks ahve now rolled by I enjoy talking to and meeting people and giving them assistance whan needed. A lot of people are generous with their tipping too.

The only downside to this is that I now work every weekend, day shift or night shift so my routine has to change. This shock to the system has made me make poor decisions as I have navigated my way around this aspect of my life. It also brought in self-doubt, worthlessness, and not being able to trust myself, so I ended up pouring out my heart to the wrong people who have taken advantage of my vulnerability.

But I have been down this road before so I need to pick up the pieces and move on.

Sio moving forward I look forward to every Friday going out bushwalking and every other day off that the opportunity presents.

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