Been a while

Well, I am now back on my feet after an extraordinary time battling with depression, stress, life direction, and family issues.

Last week I resigned from my job and today I visited my psychologist and ended up with a big thumbs up.

I am feeling so well and brimming with confidence again, I did not realise how much my job was affecting me.

So, on my psychologists advice, I have to now identify my values and then construct goals. I am also journalling again to record events, feelings and strategies to overcome adversity and the uncertainness that made me anxious and build up anger, for not trusting myself to go ahead.

I believe this regime is right for me and will help me find a good job that uses my talents fully.

I am considering a few offers, but at this time, I am looking forward to Thursday when I fly to Melbourne to begin another fundraising walk with Diabetes Queensland and walk the Great Ocean Walk in its 100km entirety (fingers crossed).

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