A good year – 2018 – day 257

Woke really early for the bushwalk, a training walk at Girraween National Park, some 300km away, or 3 hours+ drive.

Made a muesli and fruit with almond milk breakfast, and then packed the lunch. Got dressed into my bushwalking gear and went to put on my boots. They had blown out, sole coming off – never to wear them again. So I put on my Merrell shoes and they were in good nick for this walk.

Left home at 5.15am, some 15 minutes later than planned, but should get there in plenty of time. Drove to McDonalds at Jindalee and picked up a training partner and fellow GORT2018 walker. Then headed off to Ipswich, Warwick, Stanthorpe and Girraween National Park.

Arriving at Girraween the place was deserted. There was no mobile phone so had to walk around the car parks to find the others. Once all found we commenced the walk through the Castle Rock Campground and made the first stop at The Sphinx.


On the way we passed “Bum Rock”


Then made a short walk to Turtle Rock for a morning tea stop. returning to the track junction, it was then off to Castle Rock, with its views over the northern part of the park, after clambering through a narrow cleft.



From Castle Rock returned to the main track and followed the track to Mount Norman, the highest point in the park.


Had lunch on a nice slab with great views and then made our way down the southern side to the Mount Norman Road. On the way met the Peak Trail and followed it for 4.3 km to its junction with Creek Trail, passing a great view of the Eye of the Needle on Mount Norman.


Once at the junction followed the track to Bald Rock Creek, crossed the rock slab and continued on to meet the track to Underground River.


From the Underground River followed the track to Pyramids Road and back to Castle Rock Campground. On the way encountered some wildlife, and arrived at the end just on 5.00pm.

After the walk, packed up and drove home, getting home at 8.00pm after droping off my passenger at Jindalee McDonalds.

Great day out…

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