A good year – 2018 – day 254

Woke early again and had to attend CPR Refresher course this morning. So caught my usual train and went into work, then changed into clothes to practice CPR and made my way to the CBD College in the Queen Street Mall.

After registration, then watched a couple of videos and then broke into groups of two for the CPR onslaught.  The pairs covered the first part of an emergency:

  • Danger – check for danger to self and others
  • Response – check for responsiveness of the casualty – “Can you hear me?”, “Open your eyes.”, “What’s your name?”, and “Can you squeeze my hands?”
  • Send for Emergency – call 000 or 112.
  • Airway – Check airway. If obstruction – place in recovery position and clear the mouth of the obstruction. Place on back.
  • Breathing – check for breathing. If breathing place in recovery position and monitor.

So with one of the pair on the floor as the unconscious casualty, the other practised this part of the emergency response.

Once this was completed satisfactorily, we were then broken into groups of three, two forming a team to work on an adult and the other to work on the infant. I started as the compressions giver. I had to coach my partner as she had never done this before and so I helped her with positioning and breathing especially through the mask. This was to get familiar with the next step in the sequence D-R-S-A-B, the C for CPR.

After 5 cycles of 30 compressions and 2 rescue breaths, it was time to change over and I was to provide the rescue breaths. The person on the infant took my place, and the girl on the breaths went to the infant.

After another 5 cycles over two minutes, it was change-around time again, and I went to the infant. The two fingers got quite sore doing the compressions after 2 minutes. Then the rotation occurred again with a scenario introduced.

The scenario was a car accident with a car into a power pole and wires down. We had to go through the whole D-R-S-A-B-C this time.

While doing the rotations the instructor also called out “vomiting”, “started breathing”, “stopped breathing”, and so on to create some realism. The infant was also treated the same way, and sometimes there was a call “Baby breathing”, etc. to change it up. After about 5 minutes we rotated until we had covered all three positions.

Then it was time to introduce the defibrillator. So the steps D-R-S-A-B-C was extended to D for the defibrillator. This time one person would tend to the casualty until they asked the other to call for an ambulance, and at which time the person would grab the defibrillator and set it up. Once set up the defibrillator person would take over being guided by the defibrillator.

The scenario then took over with a drowning. I called out for a towel and was applauded for thinking of this! I started out as the rescue person giving the CPR and getting my partner to call for the ambulance and get the defibrillator. Once the partner was set up she took over and I helped her set up the pads. During this scenario was the usual call of vomiting, etc.

Once the victim recovered, I become the defibrillator getter and ambulance caller, and my many years of training kicked in and I set up the defibrillator quickly and properly. I was chuffed.

After that rotation, it was onto the infant which was standard CPR as the infant was less than twelve months old.

So, on completion of two and a half hours of compressions and breathing, it was time to leave and I purchased a new first aid kit, book and face shield.

I then went to work and changed back into the business attire for the rest of the day.

After work, I changed into the CPR clothes and went home and went through the days training.

I then went to bed.


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