A good year – 2018 – day 251

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BP:  123/80

Pulse: 54

Weight: 91.2

Blood glucose:

  • Pre-breakfast:  4.8
  • Post-breakfast: 6.5
  • Pre-lunch: 4.7
  • Post-lunch: 5.2
  • Pre-dinner: 4.7
  • Post-dinner: 5.4


  • Breakfast: Raw porridge
  • Lunch: Broccoli soup
  • Dinner: Nut and ricotta patties with mushroom sauce, cauliflower salad and blanched broccoli

Woke after a good nights sleep, and then proceeded to make my porridge. After the porridge, I went out the back and cleaned down the table, to get rid of the remnants of my juicing. I then hosed down the back patio.

Once completed, I sat down for a nice herbal tea to contemplate the next move.

I had a menu to prepare for today, so I needed to go shopping some time, and I had session 12 of 12 of the Diabetic Health Clinic to attend later that day.

I decided to get stuck into the kitchen and washed dishes, cleaned down bench tops and took breaks doing Bible Study of Hezekiah.

Wasn’t time before lunch was upon me, and I decided to go shopping to get the ingredients for dinner.

So went shopping and eventually found the ingredients. It was a good time to shop too as it showed me I can go on an empty stomach and still get the needed items only.

Once I returned home, I made broccoli soup, which was quite hearty. I then continued on with the chores before it was time to prepare the evening meal. This took longer than anticipated and I had to hurriedly fry the nut and ricotta patties. Once the meals were prepared and the family also enjoyed them, I headed off to the Diabetic Health Clinic last session, although next week we have to prepare a meal, to share around.

After the session, my mind was blown about how far I had come in 12 weeks and I have no need to look back.

Once home dived into bed and hoped for a good nights sleep.

I have had a few negative comments about my rapid weight loss and my answer is “horses for courses”. I don’t ascribe to particular health regimes, I just do what I can to maintain my own health and fitness. One is doing it for as little cost as possible, so I am not lining the pockets of the health industry, which is so full of generalisations. I am looking forward to the day of the “Lifestyle Medicine” branch of the Health Sciences becomes the norm.

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