A good year – 2018 – day 246

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BP:  126/68

Pulse: 59

Weight: 93.6

Day at work and what a day! I am feeling positive. The work is coming together.  I had a great night’s sleep followed by a nice fruity juice.

As I was awake early, walked the 35 minutes to the station and arrived at work to start at 7.45. Plowed my way through work, and then get a message to join my colleague for lunch. I grabbed my broth and sat down and relished the good job I had done with the broth. After a bit of mirth at lunch, it was back to it, and then it was time to leave.

I went looking for my work colleague to walk to the station with and she had already gone. So it was a solo walk to the station.

Arrived home and ran around getting my dinner juice prepared, shopping for the salad for lunch the next day and deal with other correspondence. Once finished, went to bed.

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