A good year – 2018 – day 245

Return to Eating Day 1

BP:  118/66

Pulse: 57

Weight: 92.2

First day of returning to eat!

120 days left of the year!!

Had a nice Sunkissed Breaky juice for breakfast, after a great night’s sleep.  Once I was up and awake, realised that I couldn’t take blood glucose levels until I had new test strips! Oh well go without that and give my fingers a rest.

Set up out in the back patio to enjoy the Spring weather and had a nice herbal tea to follow breakfast. Then went in and had a shower, and while in the the shower, decided that my hair also needed trimming. So i partly dried my hair, grabbed the hair clippers and cut my hair.

I then pored over the recipes and diet calendar for the rest of the day and prepared myself for the lunch of steamed vegetables. Went shopping and bought the required ingredients. Then started preparation and steaming them. I made a potful and me and my family joined in to the tasty morsels.

After lunch, did some Sabbath School study and caught up on emails, etc. Before i knew it it was getting dark, so time to make the “Bruschetta in a Glass” juice.

Then settled in the for night preparing for the next day at work, including a vegetable broth for lunch the next day.

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