A good year – 2018 – day 242

Juicing Day 28

BP:  114/69

Pulse: 61

Weight: 94.9

Blood Glucose:

Pre-breakfast:  4.1

Post-Breakfast: 4.1

Pre-Lunch: 3.9

Post-Lunch: 3.8

Pre-Dinner: 4.8

Post-Dinner: 5.9

4 weeks down juicing – 2 days to go. The end of the tunnel is in sight.

A day at work, and I am feeling a little bit sad. My work colleague is going to another area for 7 weeks and I am wondering what is going to fill that hole in. Anyway, she will be back and then I will be on leave tackling the Great Ocean Walk in Victoria.

Anyway the day was busy with various tasks to be completed, and meetings.

Once the day was over, it was time for home and to get a good nights sleep. On the way home, I decided to buy the needed supplies to carry me over the end of the juicing fast and onto the beginning to eat phase of two weeks. At home, I made the breakfast and lunch juices and then climbed into bed.  Once in bed I went to sleep quickly.

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