A good year – 2018 – day 243

Juicing Day 29

BP:  133/77

Pulse: 56

Weight: 93.4

Blood Glucose:

  • Pre-breakfast: 4.2
  • Post-Breakfast: 4.6
  • Pre-Lunch: 4.7
  • Post-Lunch: 4.1
  • Pre-Dinner: 4.3
  • Post-Dinner: 5.0

The penultimate day for the juice fast. I woke up and was ready quite briskly and so walked to the station. 3.6 km in 39 minutes. Woo-hoo!  Got into work and was one of the first. Then the rest f the team arrived, and still the only team. Then everyone else filtered in. I was clocking up some serious time now, and thank God for the opportunity that has happened to me over the last six months.

A busy day at work and things started to fall in place. Went for a walk at lunchtime, and for the second Friday one of my walking companions nearly had a shower from a sprinkler.

Once the day was over, said goodbye to the work colleague and made my way to South Bank Station, and decided to go to Woolworths to get shampoo. I also decided to get a juice to have on the way home, and then my dinner of the second-last day would be taken care of.

Finished in the shop and then caught the train home. Once settled on my homeward-bound train, I had my dinner juice and then enjoyed the ride, writing up this blog.

Once home, started having diarrhoea attacks, which went all night. I hadn’t been toileting well all week so this is probably the result. I am also taking it as a sign from God that I have done enough, and it is time to turn the corner, and return to eating.

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