A good year – 2018 – day 241

Juicing Day 27

BP:  123/68

Pulse: 64

Weight: 93.5

Blood Glucose:

  • Pre-breakfast:  3.9
  • Post-Breakfast: 4.7
  • Pre-Lunch: 3.3
  • Post-Lunch: 3.2
  • Pre-Dinner: 4.7
  • Post-Dinner: 6.2

Another walk to Rothwell station and managed to make it early, in fact caught the train half an hour earlier. Arrived in the city and made a bee-line for Woolworth’s and purchased the juices for breakfast and lunch.

Checked out the barber there, but not quite open and I was desperate for breakfast. My hunger is different now, I just feel empty, and I don’t get “hangry”!

Walked into work, settled in and then had my breakfast while starting work. I am on fire!

Normal day of work, and then it was time for the lunchtime walk. The walk covered about 3km around the City Botanic Gardens.

Then back to work, and into the tasks ahead.

When it was time to go home, packed up, and walked out with my work colleague.

Walked to South Bank Station and said good-byes and touched on. Caught my train and then swapped  at Roma Street for the train to Rothwell. Arrived at Rothwell and was charged $10.00 for not touching on. Touched again and it was cleared. There was a glitch at South Bank…

Caught the bis home and had a quiet night in, making juices for the next days meals.

Then it was bed.

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