A good year – 2018 – day 237

Juicing Day 23

BP:  133/78

Pulse: 68

Weight: 93.7

Blood Glucose:

  • Pre-breakfast:  4.1
  • Post-Breakfast: 3.9
  • Pre-Lunch: 3.6
  • Post-Lunch: 4.6
  • Pre-Dinner: 4.4
  • Post-Dinner: 4.1

Woke freezing in my camp bed at Jimna Base Camp. Managed to get 4.5 hours sleep.

Once ready for the day, got the gear together and drove off down Kilcoy-Murgon Road towards Sunday Creek Road and a track off to the left near there. Parked the car and walked in for about 1 km till Andy said this was where they had come to. Returned to the vehicle and then drove down Sunday Creek Road to a track off to the left just past the grid. This track had recently been bulldozed to clear it, so was easy except for the drop into the creek and then the long climb out to the top of the hill.

After a while came across another track on the left so followed it. This track had also been recently bulldozed, but as we walked further along this the less care taken in removing the trees. Then we ended at a steep gully. Not this way, so back we traipsed to the other road and continued following it till we came out onto Sunday Creek Road, near the cleared farm. Walked further down the road and turn left onto another track, also recently bulldozed, but with warning signs of forest harvesting activity in the area.

This track was followed for some time before Andy recognised where he had been previously and then went down the track he had come up to see where they had missed the track last time while walking along Six Mile Creek. The track steeply descended till it reached a lovely waterhole on Six Mile Creek and Andy said, they had turned around on the creek just a tad too early.

So after a break, then went back to the car and back to camp for lunch.

On he way back stopped at the Six Mile Creek bridge to look at a possible creek walk.

At lunch, compared notes with this findings and Andy’s previous walk in the area. These tracks are making sense now.

After lunch, went in the car down to Bellthorpe Road and to find the road in to the old Yednia lookout. Found a well-used road heading south and followed it and it took us to the old car park at the lookout. The lookout positioned above one of the bluffs of the area had a chain-wire fence, and overlooked the Sheepstation Creek, Yednia sawmill site, and the Kilcoy Murgon Road snaking its way up the Jimna Range. The various other bluffs, White Bluff, Grey Bluff, and Red Bluff were seen across a small deep valley. The creek running through this is Gentle Annie Creek. I need to find a place to get down into there as there could be some interesting waterfalls.

Once walked out, drove around to the old shed and the start of Bluffs Road, which takes you out to the other bluffs. This was marked down as a future walk and we returned to camp for afternoon tea.

All the Pilgrimage walks looked now in place. Just need to list them and get leaders.

Updated the Diabetic Health Clinic website with the days readings and then located and forwarded the clubs AGM Minutes and other documents to their rightful destinations. Then I sat down and wrote this blog, which took me to bed time.

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