A good year – 2018 – day 235

Juicing Day 21

BP:  121/71

Pulse:  64

Weight: 95.5

Blood Glucose:

  • Pre-breakfast:  4.2
  • Post-Breakfast: 4.3
  • Pre-Lunch: 3.6
  • Post-Lunch: 4.4
  • Pre-Dinner: 3.8
  • Post-Dinner: 4.4

Another work day. On the way in I started to think about the weekend and its impact to my juice fast. I have the choice of taking all the produce with me camping and the juicer, or make up a number of meals and supplement with purchased juices. I eventuslly settled on making breakfast, lunch and dinner for Saturday and buy a juice for breakfast on Sunday. I can then fit in lunch at home and dinner around the Diabetic Health Clinic.

Once that was settled, I started to think about my first job as a Trainee Circuit Board Artwork Technician, building a 64K computer by receiving circuit diagrams from the engineer and producing a working circuit board ready for manufacture. The process that I was involved in was getting the skecthes of the circuit diagram of the board, draw a schematic of the board, group together the logic gates into the various chips used, build a prototype of the board, test the board, and then design the circuit board with the tracks etc. to specification ready for production in the cactory. Once the artwork was done copies ahd to be made fgor the individual assembler to know the location of the components.

One board made blew up on inserting it into the computer and it was discovered that a +12V track had a -12V track short circuit on it due to a flaw in the photography used in masking the board.

Thems were the days…

At work, had a review of my year and my plans for ther next five. Retirement is now on my radar, so need to get busy to get that plan ingrained.

So busy today that lunch was at 1.00pm, but managed to get in a good lunch of Big Red Boost juice of 800 ml. It was scrummy too! After lunch more work and meetings.

Went home and decided to get some more supplies. After shopping, got stuck into making three juices for tomorrow.

Whe that was over, went to bed.

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