A good year – 2018 – day 234

Juicing Day 20 – 2/3 of the way through

BP:  109/64

Pulse: 65

Weight: 94.7

Blood Glucose:

  • Pre-breakfast:  3.6
  • Post-Breakfast: 4.2
  • Pre-Lunch: 4.8
  • Post-Lunch: 5.9
  • Pre-Dinner: 4.0
  • Post-Dinner: 4.3

Middle of the week, and yes 2/3 of the way through the juice fast!

On the way in, to work discovered I had left my lunch juice at home. So I had to think of an alternative. I pass Woolworths on the way in I might have a look and see if I can get my hands on a replacement.

Went into Woolworths and spotted in the juice aisle, Boost Juice Strawberry, Apple and Banana. That will do nicely.

While there decided to get the framework for a Bible Journal happening. Found a 200-page lecture notebook and a pack of highlighters of 8 colours. Perfect!

Get to work and take my winnings to their proper locations and commenced work.

Due to a meeting going way over time, had a lunch in the building.

Made my usual way home.

Once home, I had the Bok Choy Twist that was supposed to be lunch and then decided to make the juices for dinner, lunch and breakfast in that order, as I can leave the breakfast juice in the jug that comes with the juicer. So after collecting the ingredients, began juicing, with a break between each meal’s juice to clean out the juicer, and bury the pulp in the back garden.

Once that was completed proceeded to compile the Bible Journal starting with John 21:15.

Working my way through this exercise proved better than I had been doing, and it looks more creative. The page wasn’t big enough for the amount of information, so need to decide how to set it out moving forward. Might use the reverse of the page to list the other translations and their cross-references, or put the concordance entries on this page. It will work out for me in the end.

So that was it until I started to yawn big time and off to bed.

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