A good year – 2018 – day 233

Juicing Day 19

BP:  123/72

Pulse: 64

Weight: 95.9

Blood Glucose:

  • Pre-breakfast:  4.3
  • Post-Breakfast: 4.1
  • Pre-Lunch: 4.7
  • Post-Lunch: 3.3
  • Pre-Dinner: 3.4
  • Post-Dinner: 4.4
  • Another work day. 

Working through projects and dealing with issues. 

Another lovely lunch walk in the City Botanic Gardens, with my work colleague.  

Walking up stairs is so effortless now. The usual walk up the steps at Roma Street Station was now a breeze.

On the way home, purchased some more fruit and veggies for yet more juicing. Also spent time reviewing the meals for the 14 days after the juicing fast. The meals look great and are not particularly vegetarian but just the change I have needed.

At home watched some TV and then went to bed.

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