A good year – 2018 – day 231

Juicing Day 17

BP:  130/73

Pulse: 65

Weight: 95.6

Blood Glucose:

Pre-breakfast: 4.3

Post-Breakfast: 4.5

Pre-Lunch: 4.1

Post-Lunch: 3.8

Pre-Dinner: 4.1

Post-Dinner: 4.2

Woken by the alarm, turned it off and went back to sleep for an hour. Then rose and readied myself for a bushwalk. 

Driving away from home at 6:15 am I hoped to be in Harlin by 7.30 am. to meet Andy. 

On the way I needed to go to the toilet, so made a quick stop in Woodford. I was ahead of time at this stage, no traffic either, so it looked a good run. Continued through Kilcoy and on to Harlin, arriving at 7.30am. Parked the car and waited for Andy. While waiting, noticed that I had left my boots and hat at home. Oh well at least I was wearing my backups. 

Andy arrived and we moved the cars to leave one before driving to Toogoolawah, as we departed Harlin, my sunglasses were missing. Must have put them on the back seat. Will look in Toogoolawah. 

Arrive in Toogoolawah and park outside the station. Then looked around in the car for the sunglasses. No sign of them. 

The rest of the group arrived and after briefings and the like, we set off for Harlin on the BVRT. This stretch has been newly opened,  with a hard gravel surface. The BVRT passed through farmland as well as behind the Ramblers Parachute Zone and the property of Out There Cycles.

Then the Yimbun station site was passed before passing under the Brisbane Valley Highway. From there the BVRT passed Milk Train Bridge, and then the Yimbun tunnel. From there the BVRT passed through a quarry and then ascended a hill and descended to cross Ivory Creek and enter Harlin via Ann Street.  

In town, after 15 km, convened for lunch in the park, then sorted out transport to Toogoolawah, and to get my car.

Once back at Toogoolawah, went to get cucumber and apples. 

Then drove home and joined the delays on the highways.

Once home, had a shower and dressed for the Diabetic Health Clinic, in which preparation to end the fast was discussed. 

Returned home energised with the group’s changes and then had dinner and went to bed.

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