A good year – 2018 – day 230

Juicing Day 16

BP:  107/56

Pulse: 59

Weight: 95.5

Blood Glucose:

  • Pre-breakfast: 4.6
  • Post-Breakfast: 4.7
  • Pre-Lunch: 4.1
  • Post-Lunch: 4.7
  • Pre-Dinner: 3.6
  • Post-Dinner: 5.2

Sabbath Day.

Off to church and started with Sabbath School studying Acts 13 and 14 – Paul’s First Missionary Journey. With a break and it was on to the service “Rebuild and Restore – Part 3” and this covered Peter being asked by Jesus, three times if he loved Jesus, to which Peter replied each time that he did. This is in direct contrast to Peter’s three times denial he knew Jesus when Jesus was arrested, and the cock crowing, which made Peter realise Jesus could prophesy, and this was meant to happen.

This showed the restoration of Peter’s faith and the commission for him to look after the flock of Jesus.

As the service was winding up, I received a message from Sue that her friend was waiting to be picked up at the station, so once I could extricate myself from church made a merry dash to Rothwell station and collected the friend. The friend wanted to know what has been happening, as I was looking radiant and lost weight. I explained the juicing fast which I was halfway through. I felt very pleased it was going right.

Once home reviewed the morning’s texts and arranged tomorrow’s bushwalk. I also worked on a letter to send around about issues about the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.

Then the second daughter and her friend wanted to go to Kippa-Ring to see a movie. I drove them there and decided to do some fruit and vegetable shopping, for more juices.  I then came home and realised I needed to get test strips and lancets for the Accu-Chek Guide to monitor my blood glucose while on the juicing fast. Out again I went to the local chemist. I had trouble telling the assistant that I did not qualify for subsidised test strips under the NDSS, and she could not understand why the doctor would not approve it. The test strips cost me $60.00 compared to $16.00 subsidised.

Returned home and then made juices for dinner, breakfast and lunch, so I am catered for my bushwalk tomorrow. Cleaned up the juicer, and the table and then went inside in time to watch Independence Day: Resurgence. I love this movie.

Once the movie was over I headed into bed, but not before a lemongrass, ginger and lime herbal tea.

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