A good year – 2018 – day 226

Juicing Day 12

BP:  135/73

Pulse: 67

Weight: 98.1

Blood Glucose:

  • Pre-breakfast: 3.5
  • Post-Breakfast: 4.4
  • Pre-Lunch: 3
  • Post-Lunch: 5.2
  • Pre-Dinner: 3.9
  • Post-Dinner: 5.5

A normal work day, but I feel things are improving. My mind seems clearer. The juicing is having an effect.

I am being respected by my work colleagues for the juicing and if the conversation turns to food, apologise, or ask me if they can discuss it. The mention of food is like a fog in my brain anyway.  Oh, how we live by our habits and takes a bit to break them.

Headed home late due to work commitments, but the next day is a public holiday. I arrived home and felt the best I had been for a while. Had a good night dealing with emails and I am starting to feel very on top of things.

After a bit of work, and a lot of yawning went to bed and slept well.

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