A good year – 2018 – day 215

Juicing fast day 1

BP:    127/54

Pulse: 62

Weight: 103.2 kg

Blood Glucose:

  • Pre-breakfast: 5.2
  • Post-Breakfast: 5.5
  • Pre-Lunch: 5.4
  • Post-lunch: 4.1
  • Pre-dinner: 8.0 – juice on my fingers?
  • Post-dinner: 4.2

Woke in earnest to start the juicing fast.  Made a sunkissed breaky juice of orange, lemon, cucumber, carrot, and ginger for breakfast and also bok choy twist juice for lunch.

In the gap between breakfast and lunch, I did not feel hungry at all, but drank water as I felt slightly de-hydrated. But apart from that felt normal.

The gap between lunch and dinner also proved not a problem as I felt full and no hunger.

At work, plenty of work on, which also kept my mind off the juicing program.

Arrived home and had a lazy night dealing with the usual emails and other tasks.

My dinner was beetroot juice.

Nice quiet night with a bit of study and then went to bed.

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