A good year – 2018 – day 208

So a day at home, trying to get my back into recovery.

Had a poor night’s sleep as I kept waking up in pain. Thank goodness for the medication.

I went out the back patio and set up my office for the day and worked on all manner of private things, plus fitted in some Sabbath School and bible study. At least I can do that.

Later in the day I was feeling good, the back pain had faded, and I needed to go buy a juicer ready for the juice fast from Sunday.  Went out and bought the Home & Co brand for $57, and hoped it would suffice.  I bought it one and made an apple juice to test it. Worked to me expectations. Thats another a tick on the list.

So returned home and continued on with the rest, and my back was a bit sore from the walking in the shopping centre.

Later that day, it was getting cool, so I moved into the loungeroom and continued on with the work.

Then I went to bed…

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