A good year – 2018 – day 206

Woke after very little sleep.

At least I get to see the doctor today.

Had breakfast and then readied for the doctor visit.

At the surgery, I went through my symptoms, and the doctor reviewed the results of previous problems. She asked if I had heard from the Redcliffe Hospital regarding surgery, and I said that I received the letter but can’t find it. I said I will check over the next few days.

She ordered blood tests as part of my Diabetes Action Plan and suggested I return on Monday to see the results. She gave me a prescription for paracetamol and codeine and said this should work. I was also given a medical certificate to cover till Monday.

Once the visit was over I made my way to the chemist and received the medication.

I then went home and mulled around while the medication took effect. Once it took effect I sat for a while, then lay down and then sat up. This progressed through the night but the time of lying down extended.

The medication was working.

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