A good year – 2018 – day 205

Woke very tired and run down. My back did not help.

I will go to work and see how I go.

I took ibuprofen and did not work as well.

I arrived at work, and for the first couple of hours it was bearable, but then I started to get really uncomfortable. I couldn’t sit for long, I couldn’t stand for long, I raised my desk and it still didn’t work. Even the ibuprofen gave no relief.

I went to my GP4Me app and made an appointment to see the doctor. Next available time was the next day.

My boss looked at me and said if I was all right. I said no and I said I was going to go home and see the doctor tomorrow as I have just made an appointment.

So off home, I went. I walked as best I could to get the train and once on the train, the differently shaped seating proved comfortable. I made it to the station and was met by my wife.

When I arrived home I had some lunch and went to bed. The lying down was the best position. I had a nap and then woke up in near agony. Just have to get through the night and see the doctor tomorrow.

Once I woke up I had dinner, some more ibuprofen, did some bible study and prayed for a quick heal, then went to bed ready for the prolonged night.

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