A good year – 2018 – day 203

Woke with the back in much the same condition. The Nurofen is helping.

Continued on the day from the previous day with the work on the Pilgrimage, Bushwalking Club stuff and the like.

Surveyed the lawn and garden n decided not much work needed due to being winter and I can look after my back.

Also got stuck into Bible Study, when I found a technique which will help me get right into it. Called the SOAP method, it is look at the Scripture, make Observations about the passage, conside Applications of th passage to your own life, and then say a Prayer at the end. I took off and did the whole of Acts 6 and Acts 7 as it was the passages for the Sabbath School for the week. I then decided I could printed the SOAP of ech verse and build a compendium of the parallels of me and the bible.

Such a powerful idea. Officeworks is going to get many visits from me for printing. I find this more convenient than owning my own printer.

As the day progressed the back progressively got worse, but I was hopeful that this was thr worst day.

Had a nice restful evening then went to bed, to sleep as much as possible.


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