A good year – 2018 – day 202

Woke with a pain in my back. Was it from the unusual gait while dealing with the blisters? is it the sciatic nerve inflamed? Have it exascerbated the slipped L1 vertebrae as it has slightly slipped forward on C1 anyway?

Decided to have a day at home to rest the back.

Caught up on the outstanding things:

  • Agenda for Thursday nights BWQ Committee meeting
  • Pilgrimage 2018 form
  • Create Pilgrimage 2018 website
  • Club walk preparation

While looking at agenda for the BWQ meeting came across iMeetingX app. It allows information for a meeting to be compiled and produces an agenda, and ten edit for the minutes. It is collaborative so members can edit their part as well. Looks good. Good time to trial as well.

As the day wore on the back was getting worse. I started taking Nurofen which relieved me during the day.

That night settled in with a bit of TV.

Also did some bible study to make up for my absence from church.

It was a restless night as I tried to find a comfortable place ad position for my leg.

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