Preparing for Juice Fast

This is out of the ordinary for my daily blogs, but I thought to give a view of the lifestyle change I am about to undertake.

The opportunity

Here I am in church an an announcement is made about Diabetic Health Clinic being held at the Redcliffe Seventh Day Adventist Church, and pamphlets were out the front. So, when the service finished and I was passing through the foyer, I picked up the brochure and went home. This sounds interesting.

Diabetes and me

Since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Within 4 months of the diagnosis, I had lost 35 kg (77 lb) and at 6 months my doctor was impressed. The HbA1c test showed marked improvement in the glucose levels. I had also lowered my cholesterol and triglyceride levels. My blood pressure had also come down. This meant continuing on the metformin, but no more blood pressure medication. I was also taken off the Avanza and changed over to Lovan, treating my PTSD/depression.

Since then my weight has gradually increased to 110 kg and I am having problem reducing it. My HbA1c and cholesterol and triglyceride have also increased. Since the original diagnosis I have walked a lot more and that is all I have done.

I also am involved in findraising treks with Diabetes Qld which are arduous 100km multi-day walks, or long one-day walks. Every weekend I aim to cover at least 20km.

The program

The program is a 12-week program and designed to aid people with diabetes and pre-diabetes to gain better control and management. I thought this could be the tonic I need

The first six weeks consisted of preliminary information about insulin, glucose, glycogen, and the like and their functions, interactions and effects on the body, like affecting the flow of blood, causing all sorts of problems. It then moved to logging a typical week’s weights, food intake including processed foods and which had added sugar.

Juicing Fast

During the last week, had a blood test and am getting ready to begin the main focus of the program. I am taking on a juicing fast. This means juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and herbal tea and water. I have been provided with 28 recipes and have been replacing one meal each day during the last week, as a preliminary and to prepare.

Why start on Friday?

The first six days are the worst with sugar withdrawal, and day 2 and 3 are the peaks of the withdrawal which is over the weekend. As I have not had coffee for the last week, in fact, drastically reduced my caffeine intake, I am now sleeping better so that ias a bonus already.

So here I am, two days out from the fast, and I am looking forward to it. I will update as I progress for the 30days on this program.

Pray for me it is going to work…

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