A good year – 2018 – day 196

The last day of the trek. 

Woke early to meet at Esk at 5.00am, to then drive to Lowood for the start of the trek.

Arrived in Lowood to a large crowd. The 25km walkers are eager to go!

Once gathered and briefed, the group which had more than doubled headed off to Fernvale. The group was fast moving, even for us 100 km walkers. At Old Fernvale Road, I stood as traffic control to direct the walkers back onto the rail trail proper. 

After two hours, Fernvale was reached to a rousing reception and the 15km walkers in anticipation for the day. Once a rest it was the mass move off to Fairneyview and the next rest stop. The rail trail in this section was lovely fine gravel and grass to walk on making a pleasure for the last few km. 

After Fairneyview, the group then met at Wanora and on the way, a motorbike and ATV drove along the BVRT to get access to a paddock, from Leschke’s Road. After a short break, it was on for the last leg. Once we arrived at Pine Mountain it was then to follow the Bride Trail to the Cricket Pitch.


At the Cricket Pitch, a festive atmosphere was found with good chance to rest and recover and have presentations etc. What a great climax to a great walk!! I am so happy with the outcome.

Once the formalities were over, it was time to pack up and return to Toogoolawah and our hotel room for the last night. So it was a very restful afternoon and night with a nice meal in the bistro.

Then it was back to the room and have a good sleep.

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