A good year – 2018 – day 193

Today is the day!

Spent the morning packing and getting the gear together for the BVRT Trek 4 DQ 2018. This meant thinking about three full days of walking and to combat blisters, cramps and knee problems; and enough layers for the cold mornings. Therefore more socks, and jumpers.

With the car packed, headed off and drove to Diabetes Queensland in Milton. Driving from Deception Bay there were two main routes to drive. On the way in I decided to go via Gympie Arterial Road, Beams Road, Bridgeman Road, Beckett Road, South Pine Road, Wardell Street, Jubilee Terrace, Macgregor Terrace, Latrobe Terrace, Given Terrace, Castlemaine Street, Heussler Terrace, Finchley Street.

On the way in though I thought that maybe I should have taken the Gateway Arterial Road, Southern Cross Way, Inner City Bypass, Milton Road, Finchley Street. Anyway, at Diabetes Qld loaded up with two trestle tables and a gazebo.

We were full now, but so proud to be able to help.

So off we went and drove to Toogoolawah, taking Milton Road, Western Freeway, Centenary Highway, Ipswich Motorway, and Warrego Highway to Pine Mountain Road. Pine Mountain Road led to the Cricket Pitch, the finish of the trek, and showed Sue its location. I was also curious about the work being done at Borallon Station Road crossing of the BVRT. So drove there and viewed the improvements.

From there drove to the Brisbane Valley Highway and then followed to Toogoolawah.

In Toogoolawah, took up our accommodation at the Exchange Hotel. Then it was time to unpack as much as possible and rest before returning to Esk. In Esk, went to Brisbane Valley Hire and Sales and collected the portaloo, then returned the 17km to Toogoolawah and parked out the back of the Hotel.


Unhitched the portaloo, and readied ourselves for the Meet and Greet at the Grand Hotel in Esk.

Returning to Esk, parked out the front of the Grand Hotel, before moving the car to the rear car park. At the Meet and Greet, met the fellow walkers and their partners, spouses, etc. plus the great runner himself, Ron Grant. After dinner and a lot of fun, made our ways to bed and the early start.

Drove back to Toogoolawah and parked the car at the portaloo, and went to our room. At the room, did last checks of emails, payments etc. a cup of coffee and bed. Good thing there was a heater, it was going to be a cool night.

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