A good year – 2018 – day 192

This is Australian National Diabetes Week 2018 day 3. #NDW2018  #ItsAboutTime.

Woke late after a brilliant nights sleep.

Did some chores around the home. Mowed the back lawn and prepared the caravan to be moved back to allow for trimming and fixing up of the collapsing embankment between the van and the side fence.

Legs wound up clear of the ground; jockey wheel eventually found and drawbar lifted off the blocks; brake off and no movement.  Hmmm!

Survey of the van and the tyre near the fence is partially buried. The van was not going to move by hand.  Gave up and decided to do it when I have more time.

So, went to Bunnings and purchased the safety equipment.


I left Bunnings and discovered I had lost my reading glasses.

So, went onto the computer and located the files to print and copied them to a USB drive. Then I took the USB to OfficeWorks and proceeded to print the receipts, A4 sheets with the event logo.


These sheets were to be laminated and magnetic strips attached so they could be attached to the side of support vehicles.

Magnetic strips had to be purchased as well. So after printing and making the purchases, went home. At home, laminated the signs and stuck the magnetic strips to them.

Then started to compile the clothes to wear and laundered the items that were needed but in the hamper.

The rest of the day I did some Bible Study and was thankful for the life I led and how lucky I was.

After watching some TV, I went to bed.



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