A good year – 2018 – day 190

Sunday, beautiful Sunday.

A chance to do some gardening, tidy up the lawns and other general cleaning in preparation for the upcoming event which will take me away from home for four days.

I was happy with the reviews of the registrations and created a CSV file and sent it to all parties needing the list.

I then turned my mind to find a more automated way to do registrations. I remember that I did a survey using jotform and had a look if it had been enhanced since my last visit.  There was an event registration form – woohoo!

I then created the registration for the Pilgrimage 2018.  The whole form can be customised with hidden sections depending on selections, and also have mandatory entries which would not submit the form until they were completed. This looked sweet. Once submitted the form generates a thank you page which can be customised as well. This led to great automation where a user completed the form, selected the method of payment and was led to the relevant details for pay by that method and once sunbathed, further information would be given about the event etc.

This’ll reduce the workload, and the form data populated a CSV file which could be analysed at a later date for meals etc. that were included on the form.  

Having completed that and with a big smile, I went for a walk.

The walk took me down to the bike track and then along the bike track between Deception Bay and North Lakes along Freshwater Creek, to a bush track. This track led to a log bridge which had a major reconstruction since the last time I used it. I then crossed the bridge and continued along the other side of the creek to Lipscombe Road and then crossed back over the creek and followed the bike path back home. 50-minute walk – 5 km, I was good and ready for the big walk.

On return from the walk, caught up on other matters, and then went to the Diabetic Health Clinic. This clinic was all about processed food, machinery food and the amount of sugar in these foods. We were then tasked to complete a food diary for the week. 

On return home, it was time for dinner and then after a lazy night in, went to bed.

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