A good year – 2018 – day 189

The first day of holidays! Well it is Saturday!

Had a day to contemplate the day as it was too wet to go anywhere and there was a lot to do at home. Once the rain has stopped. 

In the meantime it was time to review the registrations for the BVRT Trek 4 DQ as registrations had closed the night before. A careful review revealed a couple of anomalies and these were sorted out with quick emails. Then the last minute emails came in with the excuse of not realising it was past the deadline. 

One inquiry apologised for the late tender of the registration bit once speaking to him realised he needed assistance to submit the form. This was done promptly so this was accepted. Hope that is the end of it.

I decided that I need to get more personal with my Bible study. Why not start at Genesis 1:1 and go through each verse, on its own and in the context in which the surrounding verses add to the meaning of the verse and then see where it might parallel my life.

Just doing Genesis 1:1 showed me I was on the right track as it opened my eyes to why I am here and the developing impact I should make.

So once a few tasks had been done around the rain, and then a lazy evening I went to bed.

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